2012 2012

So we have the “mother” of all doomsday movies released last week. I am sure that people have googled more for “2012 phenomenon” than for the movie reviews. Sensible – because when you are given references to calendar system of an ancient but educated civilization, you ought to find out more truth than what Roland Emmerich tells you.

The Mayans were quite interesting¬† a race – they had a number system, a numeral script which is similar to Morse Code, a “Long Count Calendar” which predicts that the last day of the present (Mayan) calendar cycle would at least be a Winter Solstice if not a doomsday. Now it is amazing to know that the Mayans predicted Winter Solstice without a tolerance error of even one day, at a time where there were no computers (believe me, when I tried to count the days as per Mayan system, I lost patience and wrote a program to make it easier).

There are in fact, strange incidents in our past which surprise us for their sheer complexity and scale. I will not repeat them here, but can refer the inquisitive to “Chariot of the Gods” by Erich von D√§niken. An interesting coincidence – the last day of present Mayan calendar cycle is dated “20-12-2012” in the dd-mm-yyyy formats of the Gregorian Calendar!!


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