embedding image gallery with cooliris

WordPress has its own plugins for embedding a gallery of images uploaded to its blogspace. But it doesn’t produce galleries as attractive as one by Cooliris, which offers free web service of embedding galleries from your photo accounts – Flickr, Picasa, etc. It offers a simple 3-step creation of a gallery from any photo album; the third step essentially producing the embedded code to be published. Here is one from my Picasa travel album:

In the 3rd step, there is an option to directly post in a blog of user’s choice (i.e. WordPress/ Blogger etc.). This asks for username, password and name of that blog. But there is no need for that. What the auto-post does is use a gigya plugin for wordpress (similarly for others, it uses a plugin that is recognized by that blog service). We can modify the embedded code to have a similar format as this plugin, and by posting the same format, we can get the gallery in our post.

The gigya plugin for WordPress, to produce a gallery like the above using Cooliris is of this format:

{gigya width="iw" height="ih" src="http://apps.cooliris.com/embed/cooliris.swf" quality="high" flashvars="valueofflashvars&glowcolor=%23FFFFFF&showchrome=false&showembed=false" wmode="opaque" allowfullscreen="true"}

where, iw=image width in pixels, ih=image height in pixels, valueofflashvars=value of the parameter “flashvars” in the embed code that is produced in step 3. Replace curly brackets in the above code snippet with third brackets. We may remove any duplicate subparam if the embed code creates one when put in the above format – for example, valueofflashvars may contain the appended subparam “showembed=false” at the beginning. This may be removed as we are putting this subparam at the end. Cosmetic values like color, dimensions etc. may be changed to taste.

Check out another gallery made with this.


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