This page links stuff I found useful/ interesting in programming, photography, and others.

The software listed here are mostly open source and/ or Linux compatible (I have used them in Debian/ SUSE). If there is a Windows version available, I have mentioned in brackets. These software are “free as in free beer and speech”; I have mentioned if otherwise.  The basic dependencies for Linux are gcc and rpm support. Recent versions of some may also need Qt4 support.)

Photography Software

  1. The GIMP (*Win): The GNU Image Manipulation Program
  2. Picasa (*Win/ “free beer”): Google’s image editing software and image explorer
  3. Digikam (*Win/ “free beer”): KDE’s image editing software and image explorer
  4. UFRaw (*Win): A standalone as well as GIMP plugin for processing RAW images
  5. RAW Therapee (*Win): For processing RAW images
  6. EXIV2: GIMP plugin for handling EXIF data of an image
  7. GtkImageView: A library for real time preview of images when editing with UFRaw
  8. Luminance HDR(*Win): A set of algorithms for making HDR photos, with fully GUI-based controls.
  9. Hugin (*Win): Panorama Photo stitcher

The GIMP, Picasa (or) Digikam and UFRaw together can serve the need of any proprietary image editors that come with a camera, because more often than not, these proprietary software come with no port for Linux. For basic editing, Picasa (or) Digikam is sufficient. Digikam is preferable in Linux because it runs faster. It comes with extensive camera database and recognizes Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), so it makes adding a contemporary camera device to the PC pretty easy.

Photography Resources
Useful calculators in photography
Moon data (helpful info on moonrise, moon phases, twilight etc)
Koppenburg, Captured Moments – Nikon D90 on Linux
Cambridge in Color (Technical stuff in digital photography)

Gimp Tutorials
Meet the GIMP

Image manipulation practices – from National Geographic
Why the above link is important

Other Software

  1. Avidemux (*Win): A WYSIWYG video edit software. Can be used to cut/ join videos and others.
  2. Scribus: Versatile desktop publishing application.
  3. SMPlayer: Front End for (and requires) Mplayer

Portable Applications
Portable Linux Apps
List of Available Apps


Useful Tools:

  1. Solaris Studio (C/C++ IDE)
  2. Meld (Diff and Merge Tool)
  3. CodeLite (C/C++ IDE)

Before C, there was B.
One stop for Pointers
Humorous Unix Errors


The Photographer’s Rights
On Copyright and Fair Use – Stanford University Library
Music/ Video resources shared under CC – can be used in self-created movies